Free Download of Nikosh Converter 1.1 (Adarshlipi to Bijoy Unicode) for Windows 100% Work

 Free Download of Nikosh Converter 1.1 (Adarshlipi to Bijoy Unicode) for Windows free software 100% Work


 The program Nikosh converter is well-known and widely used. This program allows you to convert any Bangla text (including Bijoy and Avro) to Bangla Unicode typeface. Any laptop or Desktop may be used to download the Nikosh converter. Windows OS is required to execute Nikosh software. 


Jowad Hamid Kazi is the designer of the Nikosh typeface. The Bangladesh Election Commission created this typeface. The Bangladeshi government announced that it will exclusively utilize the Nikosh typeface for all official documents produced by its Ministries and Departments. 


Download Nikosh Converter with key 


    In Bangladesh today, Nikosh Converter is required for work in offices. Earlier, Sutonni MJ typeface was used for all typing in Bangla. You must install the Nikosh converter on your PC in order to convert those files to Unicode font. You've come to the right site if you're wondering how to get the Nikosh converter. 


  • Open your computer or laptop and go to the browser first.
  • Type this URL into the search bar:
  • After that, open the website by pressing the enter key.
  • You can choose to "download" something by clicking the appropriate button on the page.
  • The Nikosh converter has now been downloaded.
  • It is a zipped folder, so you must first unzip it before selecting the "Extract to Nikosh software windows10-8-7 bit 64" option with a right-click.
  • When you click on it, your home screen will display a folder.
  • The Nikosh converter may be unzipped in the same way by clicking the folder.
  • You can now check that the converter has been downloaded by opening the "Nikosh converter installer" folder.
  • Now right-click on the setup file by going there.
  • Then select "run as administrator" from the menu.


Once the installation is complete, a Nikosh icon will appear on your home screen. Check the icon's functionality by clicking on it. Before using the converter, you must download the Nikosh font if it isn't already on your machine. The folder included the Nikosh typeface. 


Download Nikosh Converter 1.1 for Windows.

 The most recent version is Nikosh Converter 1.1. It was made public in 2011. The Nikosh converter is in its initial iteration. You could occasionally run into issues while using this program. If the screen displays the message "Nikosh Converter Stopped Working," you must upgrade the patch to 64 bits.


Convert Bijoy to Avro Font Currently

 The Nikosh Converter makes it simple to convert the Bijoy and Avro fonts to Unicode fonts. The whole technique is as follows:

  • ØYou must first download the Nikosh program.

    Ø You must then open it and select the "document" () option.

    Ø There is a box for document input, where you must copy and paste the URL to your Bijoy/Avro document before changing the font type to Unicode.

    Ø The changed document must then be saved with the name


Electoral Commission for the Nikosh Conversion

Founded by the Bangladesh Election Commission is Nikosh Converter. In essence, it is a Unicode typeface. Nikosh typeface was used to write the information on Bangladeshis' national identification cards.


Because the government announced that it will utilize this software for papers in Bangla, Nikosh converter is now necessary for all office operations. If done correctly, downloading Nikosh software is a simple job. This Nikosh converter makes it simple to convert all older documents written in Bijoy and Avro to Unicode.


Windows Mac OS/imac

How to Convert a file to nikosh 

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